What is Ansible? A short DevOps Introduction

Welcome to my short Video Introduction about Ansible. A simple yet powerful system to automate deployments and releases, to orchestrate services and to practice configuration management in a simple DevOps way.

In my opinion one of the best DevOps Tools available today …



Ansible is used for:

  • Configuration Management … It helps you configuring your Web-
    and Application Servers. It makes it easy to version your files.
    And you can also use it to manage different configurations in your
    development, staging and production environments.
  • It is also also used for … Application deployments
    It can fully automate your multi thier application deployments.
    Of course it can handle groups of web-servers, application servers and databases.
  • And you can use it for … Service Orchestration.
    You need to take out a node from loadbalancing before you start a deployment?
    Ansible can orchestrate your services on multiple tiers.




So, how does it work?

For a description how to get started with ansible – please see the video above



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