introduction to computer vision with opencv and python

In one of our 20% projects we started developing an autonomous drone with computer vision capabilities. In the following video we are trying to track a person who carries an orange marker object. The drone should be able to detect, focus and follow this person (at least by rotating so that the person is in the middle of the view).

Computer Vision is a hot and fun topic at the moment. Current development in Big Data, GPUs, Deep Learning and cloud technologies leads to innovative and impressive new applications. Cars, robots and drones start to understand what they see in videos and images. Computer vision will likely become a very important human-machine-interface within the next years.

I have written an introduction to computer vision with opencv and python in our blog (currently only available in German). In this article I try to explain step by step how we used simple techniques to find and track persons with our drone. I also try explain some of the most important basics to get into computer vision.