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This will be the first post in a series about simple IT concepts. Many people are talking about DevOps today. I think the reason for this is, that the concepts and work flows in IT organizations just became far to complex.

Order a new Webserver. Simple style vs. Enterprise Style

Order a new Webserver. Simple style vs. Enterprise Style

As a freelancer I have been working in big international enterprises – I have seen many different IT organizations over the last 15 years. If you think that I must have seen a lot of best practices and highly optimized work flows and brilliant concepts there – you are definitely wrong! The bigger and older the organization – the more bureaucratic, more complex and slower was their IT department.

I have seen so many cases of what I call “Enterprise Money Burning” that I decided to write a blog series about it.

IT departments in big organizations have grown over decades. They have adapted new technologies and recommendations for “best practices” like ITIL. They have added steps to their work flows to meet new regulations or to increase security. They have migrated platforms from here to there to reduce costs … and so on … and so forth.
The result is: Ordering a new virtual web-server can be a task that needs 8 persons to do something, wasting a total of more than 25 work hours and taking an absolute time of 2 weeks to complete. This is producing costs of more than 3000 EUR! Impressive, right?

You can do the same task with an external hosting provider – altogether in 10 minutes, for less then 20 EUR … fill out a form, enter credit card, submit, finished. Of course – organizations know that. But why are they sticking to their processes? Why are they not able to really simplify their structures?


Why do so many IT departments keep reinventing how to apply OS updates, how to run web-servers, how to do backups and how to harden their systems? Why do they write Operational Manuals (that nobody reads), Run Books, “Betriebshandb├╝cher” and Hardening Guides again and again? Hundreds and thousands of pages?


In my next blog posts I will try to answer these questions – and I will try to come up with simple solutions to common problems that most bigger IT departments keep “reinventing” …


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