Big Data

What is DC/OS

This article is a short introduction to DC/OS and Apache Mesos. DC/OS applies best practices by successful web companies to run distributed Big Data applications. Modern applications need a new kind of infrastructure. Microservice and Big Data Frameworks need to react on varying workloads just in time. Those frameworks are built to scale. With DC/OS […]

machines that learn better than people with deep learning

Machines are starting to learn and understand better than humans. Technologist Jeremy Howard shows new developments in the fast-moving field of deep learning. The TED talk below shows both wonderful and terrifying implications.

Today machines are able to learn from massive amounts of data. And we already know that companies are using this to recommend products, find friends in social networks and optimize advertising campaigns.

But there is a lot of other development going on. Companies are inventing self driving cars that can recognize a street sign or a human being and that can make reasonable decisions on events like that.  They are inventing systems that can understand speech and translate them in real time – and they do not write a translating program – instead they let the system learn the languages from massive amounts of data. Companies and researchers are using the deep learning algorithm to solve a variety of problems that couldn’t be solved before.

  • Computers are able to learn.
  • Computers start to get better than humans in many fields.
  • They can listen and see.
  • Computers can read and write.
  • They can understand!

The input is not restricted to machine readable text any more. It can be images, audio and video as well. Machines will be able to beat human performance in learning and understanding very soon … and they will not be limited to a single brain without “RAM extension slots”.

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