Django Tutorial

Learn Django – Chapter 4: Authentication, Forms and more

Previous Chapter Authentication Django comes with a module that handles authentication. Let’s try to use that module so that your users can sign up for your event website. The module already contains basic features like register, login, logout and forget password – so let’s integrate them. Signup Let your users signup for your page. git […]

Learn Django – Chapter 3: Views, Templates and URLs

In Chapter 2, you have learned about the Django model and the admin site. They provide the very basic functions that are the same for almost all projects. Today, we will talk about Django Views, Templates and URLs. They will make you able to customize your project like you need it and to add the […]

Learn Django – Chapter 2: Model and Admin

In the first class you have got familiar with your c9 workspace and created a basic Django project. Now we are going to take a closer look at the Django “model”.   Django Model   The Django model is the “heart” of your Django application. It represents your data in a very clean and clear […]

Learn Django – Chapter 1: Introduction and Basics

Welcome!     In this fast track course you will create an awesome event website using the python framework “Django”. On the Django homepage it is called “The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines”. In this course we will prove that this is very true. This course boils down the Django development cycle to it’s […]