Simply serve local directory via HTTP with python webserver

Sometimes you quickly need to exchange some files between networked machines. A really easy way that mostly also works through firewalls is to serve them via a local webserver. Python offers a really simple module for that: python -m SimpleHTTPServer To serve a local directory just run: [email protected]:~$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer Serving HTTP on […]

How to save a remote server SSL / TLS certificate locally as a file

In linux you can just use the openssl commandline tools to download any certificate from a remote web-server and store it in a local file. Show the certificate chain and public key of a web-server openssl s_client -connect -showcerts To directly extract the certificate and save it to a file you can use these […]

How can I download an entire website to static files and harden my CMS?

You can easily harden your wordpress/CMS installation by downloading it to static files and only publishing those static files to the internet. Security vulnerabilities are regularly found in all common used CMS systems – if you just need your CMS to publish content (no interaction like comments) then the following is an option to really […]

wordpress friendly URLs

In the basic settings wordpress does not have a very good URL structure. Your first posts URL will most probably look like this : The above number 15 (the post ID) does not mean anything to your users and it does not contain any keywords that could be found by a search engine. Change […]